We Dhi Gla Mask

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Dhi gla face dancer mask.Modern ethnology puts the Wobe and Guere together under the name We, despite the fact that the people themselves still use the old names. The We live in the forest in the southwest of the Cote d’Ivoire and the southeast of Liberia. They have gained a great reputation as healers due to their knowledge of plants. Among the We peoples, masks are not controlled by men’s associations, but instead are owned by families. This mask belongs to the group of “dancer” masks known as dhi gla. The masks of this type carried out important social control functions, including judicial decisions, law enforcement, criminal punishment, fine collection, and dispute settlement. They were also used in contexts boy’s circumcision camps, and entertainment.Their aggressive performance was intended to instruct the people in proper behavior.

Today, under changed social conditions, such masks are used for entertainment.


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