Wangwa Helmet Mask


The Bangwa People reside in Western Cameroon. Their name refers to the inhabitants of the nine chiefdoms who do not even constitute a tribe or a single political unit. The name Bangwa stems  from nwe or nwa and refers to the geographic location and the language. Bangwa are related to Bamum. However, their closest familial, social and cultural ties are with Bamileke. The area inhabited by Bangwa is in the highland climate. The compounds are scattered all over the region, the highest inhabited point being about 7,000 feet, the lowest about 1,500 feet. Bangwa maintain trade with Bamileke. In the past the exchange was based on  guns, slaves and European goods. Today the Bangwa trade foodstuffs (cocoyams mostly) and livestock in return for raffia wine, groundnuts and maize from their Bamileke neighbors.

The "bubbly" head gear depicted on this mask is typical for Royalty in Cameron and Banwa in particular.

16" x 12" x 12" (w/o raffia. 25" with raffia)



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  • Size: 16" x 12" x 12"
  • Shipping: $50.00
  • Material: Wood, raffia, natural pigments
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