Protective Nabo Statue


The Ngbaka, who live in the north of the DRC, once venerated a mythological hero called Seto and his sister-spouse, Nabo. Seto supposedly saved the first human beings from death and perpetuated the human species. Nabo was more directly concerned with childhood diseases, which she could heal by driving out the evel spirits causing the illness. To obtain her help, a healer was consulted. He executed or had a sculptor execute a statuette representing Nabo, applied a special powder to the part of the figurine corresponding to the area of the body that was diseased, then placed the figure at the foot of the ancestors' altar, which also included the representation of Seto. These two statuettes preserved the family from a wide range of misfortunes, protected crops, brought about successful hunt and preserved stillbirths.

Purchased for the film "The Good Doctor"

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