Pende Panya Ngombe Mask


This mask represents a buffalo, symbol of authority and dignity. It is usually made in  horizontally oriented shape, protruding ears, and an ornament consisting of a motif of relief triangles. Such masks formerly belonged to the insignia of important chiefs (mbuya jia ufumu). Dressed in a royal garment and holding a machete, the masked dancers appeared only during the mukanda initiation of adolescent boys after their circumcision, to gather donations to cover the cost of the celebration that took place after the initiation period.

After circumcision in the context of initiation was abandoned in 1930s, similar masks now are incorporated in the lintel of the door to the royal treasure house where royal masks and other regalia are kept.

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  • Size: 14" x 6" x 6"
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  • Material: Wood
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