Mbunda Ceremonial Mask


The Mbunda people settled mostly in western Zambia, but live also in Angola. The Mbunda masks were worn with an elaborated costume knitted from thread made from the bark of the mushamba tree and skirts of grasses and palm leaves. In total there are twenty-two masquerade characters of the Mbunda. The dancer with such a mask possibly represented a hunter who used bows and arrows, an important character in the Makisi masquerade performed by the Mbunda during the second phase of circumcision rites, which involved preparations for the return to the village of the initiates, no longer as boys but as men. They also perform in the villages, where they dance to the accompaniment of songs sung by male and female onlookers.people of Côte d’Ivoire, a Malinke group, occupy the northwest part of the Dan territory. The koma men’s association is active not only among the Mau, but spreads as far as the Wobe and into the northern Dan region. The Mau masks are sacred; they do not represent spirits of the wilderness, they are these spirits. Such masks were given sacrificial libations intended to combat destructive forces. Contrary to other masks from this region, the koma ba is not attached to the head of the wearer. During the dance, it is being held in the hand, in front of the face. It is in the presence of the initiated males that the pair of these masks appears, with the aim of tracking down and eliminating sorcerers who disrupt village life.

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