Mambila Protector of Wealth Figure

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The Mambila farmers and stockbreeders occupy the region bordering Cameroon and Nigeria, to the north of Grassland. A society of mutual assistance, the kurum, participated in clearing land, harvesting, and building houses and facilitates social contacts during celebrations and dances. fiber. Merchants and blacksmiths were separated from the rest of the community. The trade was passed from father to son. They practiced the ancestor cult and agrarian rites. The Mambila only worshiped family ancestors.

Mambila art centers upon an association called suaga. It is primarily concerned with justice and supernatural cleansing within the community. The Mambila produced a considerable number of figures that are characterized by a heart-shaped face; pigments are often applied later. Mambila figures embody ancestors who, according to their beliefs, are responsible for the clan's wealth.

The figures appear with bent legs and typical enlarged head outlined in wooden pegs. 

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