Male Bush Spirit Figure or Mbra

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Baule statues were mostly used for two purposes: the first was to incarnate a spirit of the bush,mbra or asie usu; the second was to represent a spouse from the other world.According to the Baule beliefs, mbra live in the bush and occasionally make contacts with human beings. They are male and female, have colorful personalities, and often have personal names. Therefore their figures are made in pairs. Mbra is a Baule cult used for divination. Only certain families have mbra, having acquired it in past generation. These spirits are mischievous, but, if properly honored, will grant fruitful harvests and hunts. They sometimes express desire, through the village diviner, to be associated with a specific person. A figure is then sculpted and worshipped in the house of the designated individual. This figure is outstanding by its size and quality.

Product Details:

  • Size: 75" x 16" x 13"
  • Shipping: $1000.00
  • Material: Wood
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  • SKU: #BAULE07

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