Kifwebe Male Mask


Kifwebe means "MASK" which represents spirits in the Songye language. These masks usually have striated decoration. The kifwebe society used them to ward off disaster or any threat. The mask also had the capacity to heal by means of the supernatural force it was supposed to incorporate.

The masks, supplemented by a woven costume and a long beard of raffia bast, dance at various ceremonies. Mask, colors, and costume all have symbolic meaning. The use of white on the mask symbolizes positive concepts such as purity and peace, the moon and light. Red is associated with blood and fire, courage and fortitude, but also with danger and evil. The dancer who wears the male mask will display aggressive and uncontrolled behavior with the aim of encouraging social conformity, whereas the dancer who wears the female mask display more gentle and controlled movements and is assumed to be associated with reproduction ceremonies. The female mask distinguishes from the male one by the absence of a crest on top of the head.

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