Geh-naw Ceremonial Mask


Bassa artistic tradition has been influenced by their northeastern neighbors, the Dan. With graceful, gliding dances the geh-naw masqueraders entertain the spectators when initiated boys return from bush camp, when important guests visit the village, and on other festive occasions. The dancer wears the mask, which is attached to a woven framework, on his forehead, and looks through the slit in the fabric, which is part of the costume that covers his head and upper body. The geh-naw masks are public entertainers who perform when the boys return from the bush schools, but also on many other occasions, such as the visits of important guests or on public holidays. The mask is intended to convey a sense of grace and serenity.

This mask was pictured in the book "Страсти старьевщика. Рассказы коллекционеров"

 "Passions of an Antiquarian". Chapter "Many Faces of Masks in the Raskin Collection" by Vera Raskin. Published in Ekaterinburg, Russia 2016

The text is in Russian. 

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