Bangwa King


The Cameroon Grassland is a large cultural area, which is inhabited by many related peoples. The Bangwa, like most of the people in this area, are historically farmers who grow maize, yams, and peanuts as staple crops. They also raise some livestock, including chickens and goats, which play an important role in daily sustenance. Women, who are believed to make the soil more fruitful, are responsible for the tasks of planting and harvesting the crops. Men are responsible for clearing the fields for planting and practice some nominal hunting. The Bangwa also developed trade relations with their neighbors living in southeastern Nigeria. The hierarchical societies of the Cameroon Grassland support a wide range of leadership and prestige arts associated with royalty and persons of high rank. This figure represents a Bangwa royal ancestor, whose high status is emphasized by the knotted prestige cap. The sculpture would have been kept in the royal treasury along with many other objects reserved for use by the Fon, the political ruler of a Grassland kingdom. Palace art is displayed during royal funeral ceremonies, public appearances by the Fon, and annual festivals.

This statue has been in our museum for over 20 years. Visit it here and

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