Female Chibola Figure


Lulua is an umbrella term, which refers to a large number of heterogeneous peoples who populate the region near the Lulua River, between the Kasai and Sankuru rivers. The Lulua statuary is remarkable in the degree of its scarification, a manifestation of a wish to be socially differentiated. These marks must be very ancient as in 80th of 19th century they were no found on the Lulua themselves. The chibola are maternity figures that, when worn on the belt, protected the newborn child or the baby about to be born: the chibolawould stand watch over childbirths. The protruding abdomen of the woman emphasizes the importance of the lineage.


Provenance: This figure has been in the Raskin Private Collection for years

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  • Size: 9" x 3" x 3"
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  • Material: Wood
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