Female Ancestor Figure

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 Living at the confluence of the Benue and Niger Rivers, the 500,000 Idoma people are predominantly farmers and traders. As farmers, they have a long market tradition among neighboring ethnic groups. The resurrection of the dead is an important element of their religion, and the cult of the spirits of the nature is celebrated through the mediation of masks and figures preserved in shrines. At least two types of female figures can be distinguished. The first, knowing as anjenu, is used during fertility cults and is revered in small shrines. Once a year they are worn by dancers and paraded through the village. The second type, shown here and called ekwotame, is carved as a seated woman and may be painted with red, white or black pigment. These figures represent ancestors and thus the idea of lineage. These images, 'spirits with breasts', are when in use adorned with various jewels.

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