Ceremonial Kuba Pipe

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Kuba people of the Central DRC are known for their art as one of the most highly developed of all African traditions. Among the best known of Kuba art forms are royal portrait figures, ndop, idealized representations. Kuba masks are famous as well.

This pipe has a head which is a Kua mask with a numer of characteristic elements  - rythmical geometric patters, round ears. The long stem of the pipe is covered with Kuba desigs and includes a small animal. This is a two piece pipe with signs or wear and tear.

Provenance: Yuri Raskin Pipe Collection


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Product Details:

  • Size: 19" x 6"
  • Shipping: $60.00
  • Material: wood
  • Quantity: 1 available in stock
  • SKU: #Kuba_Yuti_pipe10

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