Bamileke Ceremonial Body Mask


The Grassland region, in southwest Cameroon, is divided into 90 small independent kingdoms and chiefdoms, whose powers are counterbalanced by male and female societies. All young boys belong to association based on age classes, covering periods of five years each, focusing on military and technical apprenticeship. Masks and masquerades are normally associated with a variety of men’s societies. Each society has its special shrine, its own masks, figures, costumes, dances, and secret language. Each act on behalf of the king is aimed to establish order and to preserve the social and religious structure of the kingdom. The headdresses of this type are fixed to the head during festivals for dancing or kept in shrines. This item came from the Bamileke territories. Its specific function is not clear. Similar body masks have been represented on house posts - thus confirming that such a mask is a part of local experience.

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