Buyu Female Ancestor Statue

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The Buyu occupy a small area between the Lualaba River and the northwestern end of Lake Tanganyika, in the eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo. In this region overrun by innumerable shifts in population, groups of diverse origins coexisted in the same village: Lega, Bemba, Buyu, Bangubangu, and Binji, all of whose primary activity would be the hunt. The Buyu’s art bursts with vigor and dynamism. Among the six clans that form the Buyu ethnic group, three are known predominantly for their male and female ancestor figures. These venerated chiefs of the Buyu led migrations, founded villages, or provided exceptional leadership. Their ancestor effigies enable the spirits of dead chiefs to remain the guide of their people. The Buyu worship to nature spirits. Ancestors, who have the power to bring good fortune or illness, are also worshipped. When bad luck arrives, the Buyu try to understand the will of the ancestors either through dream interpretation or divination. This statue is an ancestor spirit; such figures are kept in family sanctuaries.

Material: wood



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