Probably the most comprehensive and well-illustrated book on African Art which is still in print is "African Sculpture Speaks" by Ladislas Segy $15.96 from We highly recommend this book! Mr. Sagy was one of the best experts on African art and a very prominent collector. He died quite a while ago but is still recognized as a major authority on the subject of Tribal art of the Central Africa. His books are not expensive and provide excellent reference. However, all illustrations are black and white. He has also written another book on African masks which I can recommend, "Masks of Black Africa" by Ladislas Segy $11.16.

Other good and easy to buy books are:

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Hahner-Herzog, Iris; Kecskesi, Maria & Vajda, Laszlo. African Masks from the Barbier-Mueller Collection, Geneva. Munich – New York: Prestel, 1998. $54.95; URL: 5983-5035053

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