A Monumental Banda or boke mask

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The only fundamental ritual among the Baga is initiation. This tribe had rich traditions of multifunctional masks and sculpture, many of which were suppressed with the advent of Islam. The Simo society utilized very large polychrome masks (often more than 5 feet tall), known as banda or boke which were used in fertility rituals by this society, played a part during the dry season, after the rice harvest, and at other occasions.

The banda mask represents a high rank in the Simo society, and is feared accordingly. It is worn on the head, horizontally and at a slant. At its approach all those not initiated flee horror-struck into their huts for protection. This mask is an elegant composite of animal and human features, including the jaw of a crocodile, the face and coiffure of a human being, the horns of an antelope, the body of a snake, and the curling tail of a chameleon.

Similar mask sold at Bonhams May 13, 2010 Auction $12,000. Similar masks described in Art of the Baga by Frederik Lamp pp 144-149.

Because of its size, it is an expensive item to ship.

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