Sickle-shaped Knife

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The Mangbetu settled in northeast DRC, a heavily forested region. The beauty of the Mangbetu dwellings inspired the administration of their neighbors, who asked them to build similar ones for them. The royal court art was developed particularly in terms of everyday objects under the impetus of the clan chiefs who wanted to show off power and wealth. Royal celebrations, which took place in large vaulted sheds, were opportunities for exhibiting objects of luxury and refinement: pipes, palm jars featuring sculpted figures and heads, harps played by wandering musicians, and others. The sickle-shaped Mangbetu knives were worn essentially for prestige effect. These knives did not have ritual function.

This item just came back from the film set. It was used in shooting of the museum scene in major motion picture.

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  • Size: 16" x 8"
  • Shipping: 200
  • Material: Metal, wood
  • Quantity: 1 available in stock
  • SKU: #KUBA17

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