Marka Chi Wara Male Headdress

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 The dry savanna of Mali and Burkina Faso permits no more than a subsistence economy, and the soil produces, with some difficulty, millet, rice, and beans. Among the best known of their associations is the Chi Wara (or tji wara). In the past the purpose of this association was to encourage cooperation among all members of the community to ensure a successful crop. In recent time, however, the concept of chi wara has become associated with the notion of good farmer, and the chi wara masqueraders are regarded as a farming beast. Antelope masqueraders speaks of fertility and agricultural abundance.

According to one interpretation, the male antelope represents the sun and the female the earth. This particular Chi Wara is a male.

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Used as a prop in the 2023 film Mean Girl Musical starring Tina Fey

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