Bamum Bronze Mask

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The northern part of Cameroon has been Islamized and has no sculpture; on the other hand, the savannas of the west, the Grassland, are composed of three ethnic groups with ancestors in common. There are one million Bamileke spread over the southwestern plateaus, in communities that have from 50,000 to 100,000 people; 500,000 Bamenda-Tikar in the north; and, finally, the Bamum in the northwest, with a population of 80,000. The artistic production of the people living in the Grassland of Cameroon is closely associated with royal and societal ceremonies.

This exquisite mask is crowned by a bird and is graced by elaborate yet very masculine ornaments projecting power and strength.

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  • Size: 15" x 12"
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  • Material: Bronze
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